How to Make Great Coffee - Hot or Cold

Yes, YOU can make great coffee, and we are here to help you do it!


Step 1) Start with Fresh Roasted coffee from Rocky Mountain Roastery

Step 2) Choose the appropriate grind for your brewing method:

            Fine: Espresso

            Medium: Pour Over, Drip - Go a little finer for Pour Over

            Coarse: Percolator, French Press - go a little coarser for a French Press

Step 3) Use the proper amount of coffee for your brewing method,

            Write it Down!  It's early and you will forget otherwise!

Step 4) Use the correct quantity of water for a Drip machine or Percolator.

             If making coffee with a Pour Over or French Press, make sure the water is boiling.

For Pour Over:  Pour enough boiling water to saturate the grounds and let it sit for 30-40 seconds, then continue to pour keeping the grounds wet the entire time until you have a the desired level in your cup.

For French Press: Pour enough boiling water to fill the French Press 3/4 full. Set timer for 4-6 minutes depending upon taste. Stir vigorously until you create some nice crema, then top off with boiling water and place lid with plunger on top.  DO NOT PRESS YET!  Wait 4-6 minutes until your timer goes off, then press and enjoy!


Start with our Colorado Cold Brew  - Brew Bags and a 16oz mason jar

Place 2 Brew Bags inside 16oz mason jar

Fill with cold water

Cover and place jar in refrigerator

Leave in refrigerator for 12-24 hours

Remove Brew Bags and Enjoy!

We hope this helps you make great coffee at home or at work!